5/25/2023 – Essay: Ukraine claims its place in Europe in the wake of Russia’s failing invasion

2023/05/23 – 16:21 • CULTURE OF UKRAINE, UKRAINE

Article by: Rostyslav Semkiv

Translated by: Yulia Lyubka and Kate Tsurkan

Edited by: Oksana Klindukhova

Editor’s Note: As the Russo-Ukrainian war drags on, Ukrainian literary critic Rostyslav Semkiv uncovers the power of resistance and the pursuit of truth amid chaos, and how the war is reshaping our understanding of the past and forging a new future.

1. History is objective in that it is a series of significant and insignificant events. It is initially a collection of facts resulting from actions influenced by various factors, and thus the ability of individuals or even organized groups to control it is limited.

The issue arises when we look back at history as a series of previously occurring events that can be understood and classified. At this point, history’s objectivity may be lost because it will be interpreted from a specific perspective and classified by institutions created for this purpose. As a result, some events and facts will be highlighted, while others will be ignored or dismissed.

In retrospect, history will always be open to subjective interpretations…

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