5/25/2023 – Meet the R18, Ukraine’s formidable night strike throne transforming the battlefield

From Euromaiden Press – Article by: Orysia Hrudka, in cooperation with Real Politika

Edited by: Sonia Maryn

Move over, Mavic: for every dollar spent on the Ukrainian-produced R18 bombing drone, the Russian Army incurs $670 in damage

A Ukrainian-made drone, the R18, has been transforming the battlefield in the country’s fight against Russia’s aggression. Developed by Ukrainian NGO Aerorozvidka, the octocopter drone is equipped with a thermal imager and can carry and drop explosives on military equipment or other tactical targets. We met with Aerorozvidka instructors as they tested one of the R18 drones – a necessary procedure before it can be deployed to the front lines.

Since 2014, Ukrainian NGO Aerorozvidka (aerial reconnaissance), which is closely cooperating with the Armed Forces, has been playing a vital role in defending the nation against Russia’s aggression. This team is a prime example of civil society’s direct engagement in resisting foreign aggression. In 2022, it played a decisive role in a battle near Kyiv and continues to be crucial in Ukraine’s national resistance to Russia’s aggression.

Aerorozvidka, which has hundreds of active members, specializes in drone development and improvement, using customized and weaponized drones to inflict significant losses on the Russian military. Aerorozvidka instructors improve the skills of drone operator crews, while the technical team constantly upgrades the drones. Before being sent to the front lines, each drone is thoroughly tested on a training ground to eliminate any potential issues.

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