5/25/2023 – Nuremberg II: steps taken towards a Tribunal for Putin and his henchmen

Tribunal for Putin
An exhibition in central Kyiv shows Putin being judged in a tribunal. Photo: Brian Whitmore



From Euromaiden Press – Article by: Winfried Schneider-Deters

Edited by: Kate Ryabchiy

A Tribunal for Putin is slowly becoming a reality: the wheels of justice are turning, and as a consensus has formed that an international trial for Russian war criminals is an absolute necessity. However, it is likely that “tyrannicidium” is the only step that could bring the ultimate culprit to ultimate justice.

I. “Nuremberg I” – the Trial of the German “Major War Criminals”

I.1 The Statute of the International Military Tribunal (IMT)

After the military defeat of the “Greater German Reich,” the Allied victorious powers tried the German “major war criminals” in Nuremberg. Adolf Hitler, the “supreme major war criminal” by committing suicide [1] had understandably avoided his certain death sentence by hanging and the probable display of his body on Moscow’s Red Square. The “Nuremberg Trials” set standards for the further advancement of international criminal law (ICL)…

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