5/26/2023 – Russia effectively sentences veteran Crimean Tatar activist to death for somebody else’s voice on a tape

Azamat Eyupov in court, 2022 Photo Crimean Solidarity

From Human Rights in Ukraine by Halya Coynash

A second Russian court has found no problem in passing an effective death sentence, without any crime and without the defendant’s voice even on the tape of an innocuous conversation presented as ‘evidence’ against him.  The Russian ‘judges’ were undoubtedly aware that 60-year-old Azamat Eyupov, who suffers from heart disease, cannot survive the 17-year sentence that has now, tragically, come into force.  

On 24 May 2023, the Military Court of Appeal in Vlasikha (Moscow region) upheld in full the 17-year sentence passed on 19 July 2022 by ‘judges’ Kirill Kravtsov (presiding); Alexei Magomadovand Vladimir Tsybylnik from Russia’s Southern District Military Court. That sentence included 3 years in a prison, the harshest of all Russian penal institutions, with the rest of the sentence in a harsh-regime prison colony. The ‘court’ chose to pretend that he could survive this and added a further one year’s restricted liberty at the end of the sentence.

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