3/26/2022 – Ukrainian family finds a welcome in Toledo, Spain

When Vxxx left Odessa with her 2 children, heading toward the west, she would have never guessed that the place God would provide for them would be in Spain. After saying goodbye to her husband, a pastor in the Odessa church, she traveled together with another pastor’s wife, Sxxx, and her child. The route from Odessa, on the Black Sea coast, took them through Moldova and Romania before making it to Poland. When they arrived in Krakow, they spent some time in the shelter and then to a home in a neighboring village that was provided. During this time they were able to regroup and rest and consider what might be the next steps.

Final goodbyes with pastor’s wives from Odessa before caravan heads back to Spain

The MTW Ukraine Crisis Response Team based in Krakow, had previously sent out an appeal for supplies, medical equipment and medicines for distribution to churches in Ukraine, and churches in Spain responded with two vans packed full of these supplies. At the same time communications were happening with the logistics of the caravan, efforts were also taking place to fill the vans on the return trip to Spain with displaced Ukrainians. Pastor and missionary Mark Witte and his Ukrainian born wife, Nataliya, have been active in helping place displaced Ukrainians in their city of Toledo. A healthy Ukrainian ‘diaspora’ has grown in Toledo as a result of their efforts, with much support from NGOs and governmental resources.

With a value of ‘no empty vans’, the Spanish caravan’s mission was to off load supplies in Krakow and to fill the seats with a more precious cargo, Ukrainians that have been forced from their homes and families by the Russian aggression. Vxxx was approached about the opportunity offered in Toledo. After consideration, she agreed.

When the Spanish caravan departed Krakow the same day after unloading the supplies, Vxxx and her two children began the 3 day trek to Toledo. We are thankful for those believers and church communities that are opening their homes and providing support to displaced Ukrainian families throughout Europe and North America. They together have become God’s hands revealing His heart to the world.

Pastor Mark Witte sent this picture today of Vxxx and her children’s first day in Toledo

4 responses to “3/26/2022 – Ukrainian family finds a welcome in Toledo, Spain”

  1. My heart goes out to these brave mothers leaving their husbands to bring their children to safety. But my purity is lifted by the Spanish and other Christians taking supplies and then finding homes for refugees. This is such a witness of God’s people serving God’s people. May He continue to strengthen His servants and protect those in harms way. Praying for and end to this war!


  2. Many blessings to those who have been able to travel to Spain and other countries. Praying they can be reunited with their husbands and fathers soon!


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