4/3/2022 – From Granada, Spain: “They gave from what they did not have”

The MTW Crisis Response Team in Krakow already received a 2 van caravan (3/26/2022 – Ukrainian family finds a welcome in Toledo, Spain) from Toledo, Spain, that brought supplies for distribution in Ukraine and returned to Spain with a precious cargo, a Ukrainian pastor’s wife and children. Another van came from Granada not only bringing supplies collected from their community in Granada, but they brought song and praise with a unique Spanish flare.

Nehemias singing after unloading the vans in Krakow

The Spaniards were contacts of Thomas Leonard, who works in Granada on loan to the MTW Ukraine Crisis Response Team in Krakow. Thomas described the visitors from Granada:

Irra and church member in Granada

So yes, my friend works for a local affiliate of CRU and they have a ministry working with homeless and for people in Grenada. His name is Irra. The other guy is Nehemias. He has quite the story. He was a drug addict and in a real bad situation. Quite the testimony.

A number of churches donated to the van. More wanted to go [come with the caravan] but couldn’t get days off work – I think also didn’t have women or translators – which is where Halya [a Ukrainian] came in. She is a friend of a friend, but she doesn’t even live in Spain. She self-taught herself Spanish and travels a lot. She was studying tango in Argentina before the war broke out and ended up in Spain via Austria. They met her in Valencia. And she’s been very helpful with translation and other things.

And yes, where Nehemias is from, along with other churches that gave, are on the poorer side. He even mentioned that unbelieving neighbors gave too.

It was Nehemias, who after the van was unloaded into the hotel storage room in Krakow, pulled out his guitar in the hallway and started singing a song that he had written. It was also he who described how the poor in his bario heard about his church taking donations for Ukraine. Nehemias’ rich statement said it all, “They gave from what they did not have.”

From Krakow, the caravan from Granada went to Warsaw where they gathered 6 displaced Ukrainians that they would bring back to Spain to be settled.

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